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Hello, my name is Andrew Frania. I am a volunteer working with the refugee/migration crisis. 

January 2015 saw the first boat of refugees arive from Turkey, and since then they have been coming in droves. This is the largest migration since WWII, and there is no central command or coordination. Instead, this crisis is currently being handled by roughly 140 NGO's with an estimated 2000 volunteers on the Greek islands. 

Each volunteer must pay their flight and ferry, feed and house themselves, pay for vehicles and gas to transport to beaches, lookout points, and to drive refugees. Most of us have bills back home as well. We must pay to help, and that is where you can come in.

Not everyone can just pick up and leave for a week or a few months, understandable. But you can help, YOU can be part of a change, YOU can make a difference. Any donations will help keep myself and other volunteers helping the refugees, or it will be used to purchase shoes and coats.

We have families and children wet with bags around their feet, in tents, while it's below freezing. I look around and I see volunteers voiding meals, selling their belongings, pausing their lives back home, making sacrifices to help. Please consider helping us, for many of us have given all we have, and there is so much that needs to be done. 

Please help me help the refugees by donating through GoFundMe.  Thank you. ~ Andrew Frania


Greece Refugee Crisis {}


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